Sunday, 18 November 2012

This is just too lovely to not mention...

Well well well, I hear you exclaim! (I actually don't, but stay with me...) Yes, I know, I am like a bus (again, stay with me...) Nothing for weeks and weeks, then suddenly TWICE IN AS MANY DAYS!

You see, what happened is, I just saw Stupid, Crazy, Love. (Don't you just love Steve Carell in absolutely everything he does?) Anyway, I realised that I have always liked the song that is played in the end credits, and never really knew who it was by. It turns out the song is Blood by The Middle East. It's something to do with the ending i think. It reminds me a bit of Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros... ANYWAY, I thought i'd have a peek on You Tube, and look at the absolute delight that is the video to it.
(Again, stay with me... This may not work as I have never embedded a video here before. Here goes...)

I hope that works. What do you think? Lovely, eh?

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