Saturday, 12 February 2011

And then the sun came out...

Well, well. As i told myself i would, here i am again. In less than a week. I am very impressed with myself.
I had a few orders from my site this week.. AND the sun came out. What a lovely surprise.
I have also been painting up an old and slightly battered chair too. Its looking ever so slightly improved in its new coat of white. Now all it needs is a little crocheted jacket and he'll be good to go. (Go upstairs that is... So not too far really)

Happy valentines weekend

Monday, 7 February 2011

Right... This is it now. Seriously.

Okay. So, it has been a fair few months since i managed to update this here blog. But to be fair i have been very busy indeed. Yes, that is the best / only excuse i have. SO... This is it now. A blog. That will be updated slightly more frequently than once every 3 months. (She says rather optimistically)

So... My buzzing and whirring from my last blog was the excitement of me getting some of my made goods into the very lovely Love From Hetty and Dave shop here in sunny ole Bournemouth. (A definite must if you have not visited already
A very busy few weeks unsued... with much frantic crocheting of christmas goods, cushions and bits and bobs. It pleases me very much to think of my crafty wares nestled amongst the vintagey-goodness in the shop. I believe my heart skipped a beat when i went past the shop and one of my humble cushions was stood in the window, its little crocheted chest puffed out with pride. Hurrah.

Then of course it was Christmas.. Cue more hideously frantic crocheting, which of course always ends up far more stressful than it ever should be and leaves me wishing i'd just bought everyone vouchers. (That wish is only ever fleeting as its not something I ever do.. but still it pops up on cue every year!)

So here we are. February already. Goodness me.

SO... back to my whirring. I now have a new website.
It has lots pretty pictures of my makings which are available to buy. YES! They could indeed be yours.. and yours.. and yours. It will also be getting a photography gallery page soon too.. But not quite yet. Baby steps and all that.

Well. There you have it. Things and stuff in an 'oh so fabulous' shop, a shiny new website and a blog that will hopefully become part of my routine in a way that i actually remember i have one.

Please do have a looksy and let me know what you think. (Oh, and of course, feel free to buy lots of things too)

Happy Monday